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Ceramic Coatings & Paint Corrections
Columbia, SC

Rhodes Detailing

Ceramic Coating & Paint Corrections

For Columbia’s ceramic coatings could not be more important for your vehicle’s value and paint’s original shine.  Rhodes’s Detailing service is the go-to solution for ceramic coatings in Columbia. We ensure your vehicle’s protection and enhance its appearance. Our ceramic coatings provide a robust shield against the unique environmental challenges of our city, including sun exposure and dust storms, while also preventing paint damage and oxidation. With Rhodes Detailing ceramic coatings, your car will not only enjoy long-lasting shine and resistance to scratches but also the added convenience of easy cleaning. Our hydrophobic coatings repel water and dirt, ensuring that your vehicle looks its best amidst the desert terrain. When you’re searching for “auto detailing near me” in Columbia, choose Rhodes Detailing for a smart investment in maintaining your vehicle’s beauty, increasing its resale value, and ensuring its longevity.

Key Features:

  • Scratch-Proof: Say goodbye to scratches with our powerful 9H & 10H nano-ceramic coating.
  • Hydrophobic Excellence: Ideal for hydrophobic car paints, ensuring water beads off effortlessly.
  • 5-Star Shine: Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics with our premium paint protection effects.
  • CarFax Registered: Your assurance of quality and protection.
  • Long-Term Protection: Enjoy peace of mind with years of protection and shine.

Our ceramic coating packages are available in the following.  Please let us know if you have any questions.